Joshua Smith 2024


Joshua is a hardworking blue-collar family man who is fed up with forever wars, terrible monetary policy, and the constant trampling of Natural Rights in the US. Joshua got involved in politics at the national level in 2008 to try and bring some sanity back to the country he loves.

Joshua is a veteran, father, husband, national leader, and proud American who wants to see an end to the forever wars that career politicians continue to force the American public to finance. Despite the lack of support from those being represented.

Joshua has been a blue collar worker since the age of 14. Working in multiple trades. He got involved in politics in 2008 working on The Campaign to Elect Dr. Ron Paul President of The United States. Since then Joshua has found a home in the Libertarian Party where he has served as a National At-Large Representative for 2 terms and the Vice Chair of The Libertarian National Committee. Joshua has traveled to 48 states over the last 6 years to shake hands with thousands of people and talk about the issues. He even keynoted The Ball Room behind Dr. Paul at the 2018 Omaha Roads To Freedom UnConvention.

Joshua plans to end the Fed, end the wars, and open the markets to competition and innovation. It’s time to put someone who has lived the plight of regular blue-collar Americans into the White House to fix this madness.

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